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Xiao Gang: “Technology + Finance” Can Help Medium, Small and Micro-Enterprises Navigate Financing Difficulties

Xaio Gang expressed that the advantages of technology and finance need to be exerted from two aspects, including institutional innovations and technological innovations....


Wu Gang: Applications of Financial Derivatives Have Become Core Factor of Competitiveness for Modern Enterprises

Wu Gang suggested that China’s futures industry must accelerate development and take initiatives for innovations, in order to achieve the position as a hedging risk market that matches the economic scale....


View | US Pursues “Decoupling” with Measures Underpinned by Non-Economic Logic? Here are Solutions from Professor Shang-Jin Wei

Hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, the international trade is shrinking sharply. The economic and trade landscapes of the world may be restructured in the post-pandemic era, bringing new challenges to China-US relations. Prof. Shang-Jin Wei, Board Member of Shenzhen Finance Institute (SFI), stated that China ought to strengthen ties with the industrial chains of Europe, Japan and South Korea to offset the impact of China-US “decoupling.”...


View | China’s Ageing Population Will Reach 1/3 of Total in 30 Years, Prof. Shang-Jin Wei, Board Member of SFI Presents His Solutions

From the view of the Silver Economics to prepare for aging people and to satisfy their needs, Prof. Shang-Jin Wei delivered his suggestions on policy-making and financial innovation. ...


Xiao Gang Responds to Financial Risks, Monetization of Fiscal Deficits, and Other Hot-Button Issues

Xiao Gang responds to financial risks, monetization of fiscal deficits, and other hot-button issues....