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Title:Academic Director of Shenzhen Finance Institute; Academic Dean of School of Management and Economics, CUHK-Shenzhen; Presidential Chair Professor; Trumbull-Adams Professor of Finance and Professor of Economics, Princeton University

Email: wxiong@cuhk.edu.cn

JIA, Jianmin

Title:Presidential Chair Professor

Email: jmjia@cuhk.edu.cn

LIU, Ming

Title:Associate Director of Shenzhen Finance Institute; Director of Executive Education Office; Director of MBA in Finance program at CUHK

Email: liuming@baf.cuhk.edu.hk

LAU, Kin-nam


Email: knlau@cuhk.edu.cn

AMSTAD, Marlene

Title:Professor of Practice in Economics and Finance, School of Management and Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong; Co-director of the FinTech and Social Finance Research Center, Shenzhen Institute of Finance; Vice-President Board of Directors, Swiss

Email: marleneamstad@cuhk.edu.cn

SHU, Tao

Title:Director of MPhil-PhD Programme in Finance; Director of MSc in Finance program; Co-Director of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Finance Research Centre; Director of Capital Markets and Asset Management Research Center; Professor, CUHK-Shenzhen

Email: shutao@cuhk.edu.cn

WANG, Cong

Title:Associate Director of Shenzhen Finance Institute; Presidential Chair Professor; Program Director of MSc in Business Management program; Director of the Center for Corporate Governance and Employee Ownership

Email: wangcong@cuhk.edu.cn

YE, Lixin

Title:Master of Harmonia College and Presidential Chair Professor, CUHK-Shenzhen; Program Director of MSc in Economics program; Co-director of the Laboratory for Energy Market and Energy Finance; Professor (The Ohio State University)

Email: lixinye@cuhk.edu.cn

ZHANG, Bohui

Title:Executive Associate Dean of School of Management and Economics, CUHK-Shenzhen; Presidential Chair Professor; Director of the Center for FinTech and Social Finance

Email: bohuizhang@cuhk.edu.cn

ZHANG, Tianyu

Title:Director of the Center for Institutions and Capital Market; Professor ;Director of the Center for Institutions and Governance of CUHK

Email: tyzhang@cuhk.edu.hk


Title:Senior Associate Dean (Teaching and Education) of School of Management and Economic; Former Associate Dean and Program Director of MBA of CUHK Business School

Email: ferguson@cuhk.edu.cn

LI, Dan

Title:Associate Director of Hong Kong – Shenzhen Finance Research Center; Associate Director of Capital Markets and Asset Management Research Center; Associate Professor

Email: lidan@cuhk.edu.cn


Title:Associate Professor

Email: powpaka@cuhk.edu.cn

LIU, Feng

Title:Associate Professor

Email: liufeng@cuhk.edu.cn

SO, Lai Man Stella

Title:Assistant Dean (Student Affairs) of School of Management and Economics; Associate Professor

Email: stellaso@cuhk.edu.cn


Title:Associate Professor

Email: ruishen@cuhk.edu.cn


Title:Associate Professor

Email: hughthomas@cuhk.edu.cn

TONG, Shilu

Title:Assistant Dean (External Affairs) of School of Management and Economics; Associate Professor

Email: tongshilu@cuhk.edu.cn

WANG, Jian

Title:Assistant Dean (Academic) of School of Management and Economics, CUHK-Shenzhen; Director of MSc in Economics Program; Director of Center for Macro-Financial Stability and Innovation; Associate Professor

Email: jianwang@cuhk.edu.cn

YE, Haichun

Title:Associate Professor

Email: yehaichun@cuhk.edu.cn

ZHANG, Jinfan

Title:Co-director of Center for Macro-Financial Stability and Innovation, Shenzhen Finance Institute; Associate Professor

Email: zhangjinfan@cuhk.edu.cn

ZHAO, Junhua

Title:Assistant Dean, School of Science and Engineering, CUHK- Shenzhen ;Associate Professor, School of Science and Engineering, CUHK- Shenzhen; Director, Energy Markets and Energy Finance Lab, Shenzhen Finance Institute

Email: zhaojunhua@cuhk.edu.cn

BAO, Zhuolan

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: baozhuolan@cuhk.edu.cn


Title:Assistant Professor

Email: caoyi@cuhk.edu.cn

CHEN, Qihui

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: qihuichen@cuhk.edu.cn


Title:Assistant Professor

Email: davidchen@cuhk.edu.cn


Title:Assistant Professor

Email: sichen@cuhk.edu.cn


Title:Assistant Professor

Email: wenchen@cuhk.edu.cn

CHUNG, Jiyoon

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: chungjiyoon@cuhk.edu.cn


Title:Assistant Professor

Email: yiding@cuhk.edu.cn

DOU, Liyu

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: douliyu@cuhk.edu.cn

HE, Jieshuang

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: jieshuanghe@cuhk.edu.cn

HUANG, Zongbo

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: zongbohuang@cuhk.edu.cn

HUI, Shen

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: huishen@cuhk.edu.cn

LIN, Bilian

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: linbilian@cuhk.edu.cn

LIU, Bin

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: binliu@cuhk.edu.cn

LIU, Hongqi

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: hongqiliu@cuhk.edu.cn

LIU, Zhuang

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: zhuangliu@cuhk.edu.cn


Title:Assistant Professor

Email: liuna@cuhk.edu.cn

MAO, Lei

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: leimao@cuhk.edu.cn


Title:Assistant Professor

Email: mingliu@cuhk.edu.cn

NIU, Chao

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: andyniu@cuhk.edu.cn

PARK, Jong Han

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: parkjonghan@cuhk.edu.cn

Peng-Chia Chiu

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: chiupengchia@cuhk.edu.cn

REANI, Manuele

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: reanimanuele@cuhk.edu.cn

REN, Qitian

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: renqitian@cuhk.edu.cn

SHEN, Siyi

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: shensiyi@cuhk.edu.cn

SHIM, Yoonji

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: yoonjishim@cuhk.edu.cn

SHI, Duo

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: shiduo@cuhk.edu.cn

SONG, Yangbo Darcy

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: yangbosong@cuhk.edu.cn

SUI, Pengfei

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: psui@cuhk.edu.cn

WANG, Xiaoqiao

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: xiaoqiaowang@cuhk.edu.cn

WANG, Yakun

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: wangyakun@cuhk.edu.cn

XIAO, Fenglong

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: xiaofenglong@cuhk.edu.cn

XIE, Cong Richard

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: richardxie@cuhk.edu.cn

XIE, Huihua

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: huihuaxie@cuhk.edu.cn

XU, Sichuang

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: xusichuang@cuhk.edu.cn

YANG, Shijie

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: sjyang@cuhk.edu.cn

YANG, Wenhao

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: yangwenhao@cuhk.edu.cn

YE, Linlin

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: linlinye@cuhk.edu.cn

YE, Shuai

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: yeshuai@cuhk.edu.cn

ZHANG, Linyi

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: zhanglinyi@cuhk.edu.cn

ZHANG, Qiang

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: zhangqiang@cuhk.edu.cn

ZHAO, Shen

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: shenzhao@cuhk.edu.cn

ZHENG, Yiying

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: emilyzheng@cuhk.edu.cn

ZOU, Wenli Lili

Title:Assistant Professor

Email: lilizou@cuhk.edu.cn

KE, Zhibin

Title:Senior Lecturer; Director of Student Practice Center

Email: kezhibin@cuhk.edu.cn

KHOO, Lawrence

Title:Assistant Dean (Teaching), School of Management and Economics, CUHK-Shenzhen

Email: lawrencekhoo@cuhk.edu.cn

ZHAN, Lingjing

Title:Senior Lecturer

Email: lingjingzhan@cuhk.edu.cn

CHUNG, Barick

Title:Senior Lecturer

Email: barickchung@cuhk.edu.cn

LU, Yifei


Email: luyifei@cuhk.edu.cn

SUN, Cong


Email: congsun@cuhk.edu.cn

TSANG, Wai Pong Wilburn

Title:Lecturer;Executive Director of MSc in Accounting program at CUHK-Shenzhen

Email: wilburntsang@cuhk.edu.cn



Email: zhangwen@cuhk.edu.cn

Special-Term Professors

CHAN, Kalok

Title:Special-Term Professor


Title:Joseph A. DeBell Professor of Business Administration and Professor of Accounting, USC; Former Dean, CUHK Business School;Special-Term Professor


Title:Former Vice Chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission;Special-Term Professor

LI, Zhengqiang

Title:Chairman of Dalian Commodity Exchange;Special-Term Professor

LIU, Mingkang

Title:Former Chairman of China Banking Regulatory Commission;Special-Term Professor


Title:Shirley and Leonard Ely Professor of Humanities and Sciences in the Department of Economics at Stanford University; Special-Term Professor


Title:Frank E. Buck Professor of Finance, Emeritus, Stanford Graduate School of Business;1997 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences;Special-Term Professor


Title: Former Deputy Mayor of Shenzhen Municipal People's Government;Special-Term Professor

XU, Xianchun

Title:Former Deputy Commissioner of National Bureau of Statistics of China; Special-Term Professor

XU, Zhong

Title:Former Director General of Research Bureau of the People's Bank of China;Special-Term Professor

Adjunct Professor

DING, Anhua

Title:Chief Economist of China Merchants Bank (CMB); Chief Economist of CMB International; Adjunct Professor

Yves GUO

Title:Managing Director of BNP Paribas; Adjunct Professor

QIAO, Jiying

Title:Former Managing Director at Taikang Insurance and Fosun, former Executive Director at Vertex (Temasek); Adjunct Professor

SHEN, Minggao

Title:Chief Economist of Guangfa Securities; Chief Executive Officer of GF Holdings (Hong Kong)

SUN, Mingchun

Title:Member, China Finance 40 Forum; Vice Chairman, Hong Kong China Finance Association; Chairman & Chief Investment Officer, Deepwater Capital Limited; Adjunct Professor

Hanson WONG

Title:CEO of Belos Capital (Asia) Limited; Adjunct Professor

WANG, Xiaolu

Title:Deputy Director of National Economic Research Institute; Standing Board Member of China Society of Economic Reform; Adjunct Professor

ZHANG, Jianjun

Title:Independent Director of Kaitai Bank of Thailand (China); Former Governor of People’s Bank of China Shenzhen Branch; Former Director of State Administration of Foreign Exchange Shenzhen Branch


Title:Executive Director and General Manager of Shanghai Electric Group Hong Kong Company Limited; Adjunct Professor


DU, Huancheng

Title:Research Fellow

Email: duhuancheng@cuhk.edu.cn

WU, Haifeng

Title:Research Fellow

Email: wuhaifeng@cuhk.edu.cn