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CUHK-Shenzhen Remote Sensing Data Processing Contest Winners Announced
Release time:2020-05-25Views:448

CUHK-Shenzhen Remote Sensing Data Processing Contest, jointly organized by the School of Science and Engineering (SSE), School of Management and Economics (SME), Shenzhen Finance Institute (SFI), and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), drew a successful conclusion on May 22, 2020. After half a month of fierce competition, Huang Zhijun, Li Jiayuan and Agnes Valencia won the top three by their outstanding performances. They received the grand prizes from the committee. Besides, all participants who submitted successfully also received a meal coupon worth 30 RMB at Pandora.

In the context of hot topics recently, the task is to calculate the heat radiation variables of the target point based on satellite data through Google Earth Engine and to make predictions on its development and judgement of the trend in the future, which is designed to conduct a long-term track monitoring. Due to the impact of coronavirus, online applications and submissions have been adopted. Students still showed their great enthusiasm and interest in the contest. Since the contest was launched on May 1, more than 100 students have registered for half a month.

Prof. Simon Pun, Associate Dean of Harmonia College, Associate Professor of SSE, Prof. Zhang Bohui, Executive Associate Dean of SME, Director of the Center for Fintech and Social Finance, SFI, were specially invited to give guidance to students. Through a variety of ways of professional supports, such as information sessions and Q&A sessions, remote sensing knowledge has been cultivated for students.

Prof. Simon Pun

Prof. Zhang Bohui

Remote sensing data analysis is a subject of science and technology involving the observation of an object, region, or phenomenon by analyzing data obtained by remote sensors. The new technology characterized by cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence applied has brought vitality to remote sensing image processing, meanwhile, it also provides innovative technological methods for large-scale automatic processing of satellite data and intelligent information retrieval. Remote sensing data that has been explored potentially and substantially researches to every facet of people’s life and work. It plays an increasingly significant role in the development of the world’s economy and the society.

This contest aims to raise students’ attentions and interests in remote sensing data, having great significance in cultivating talents of remote sensing data as well as promoting the applications and developments of the related industries. Participants said that they gained a lot of benefits from this contest, as it deepened their understanding of remote sensing and enriched their study life during the period of the pandemic outbreak.