Professor Jianmin Jia’s Research Team Uses Mobile Phone Data to Study How Family and Social Networks Respond to Disasters

A research team led by Professor Jianmin Jia, investigated how family and social networks respond to the shock of a sudden natural disaster. This research has just been published in Nature Communications (https://www.natu...


SME and SFI Newsletter, Issue 17, July 2021

SME and SFI Newsletter, Issue 17, July 2021


Three Articles of Prof. Xiong Wei Accepted by World-top Journals

The researches of Prof. Xiong Wei, Academic Dean of School of Management and Economics (SME), The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK-Shenzhen) have been recently accepted by world-top journals The R...


Review | CAPANA 2021 Was Held, Best Paper Award and Best Discussant Award Were Issued

From July 2nd to 3rd, The 13th Annual Research Conference of Chinese Accounting Professors Association of North America (CAPANA 2021) was successfully held. This conference was co-hosted by School of Managem...


SFI Board Members’ Review on Topics of Bi-objectives of Peaking Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Carbon Neutrality, and Digital Renminbi

SFI board members, Liu Mingkang, Tang Jie, Shang-Jin Wei and Xiao Gang, shared their opinions on the topics of Bi-targets of peaking carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality, and digital renminbi.


Good News | Paper Co-authored by Prof. Liu Hongqi and Prof. Xiong Wei Won CFRC 2021 Best Paper Award

The paper co-authored by Prof. Liu Hongqi and Prof. Xiong Wei of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK-Shenzhen) won China Financial Research Conference (CFRC) 2021 Best Paper Award, and was acc...


Accommodating China Is Unavoidable

"Absolute national security" might have been a reasonable goal for the US when the country stood at the helm of a unipolar world order. But in today’s world, attempting to “contain and confront” those with different values or ...


Call for Participants | CAPANA 2021

The 13th Annual Research Conference ofChinese Accounting Professors’ Association of North America (CAPANA)


Distinguished Lecture Series | Li Peng: An Insight of Value Based Management of Listed Companies from Ye Fei’s Incident

On June 27th, Li Peng, financial director of Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd., attended Distinguished Lecture Series to share the theory and practice of value based management of listed companies from his perspective of work experience.

Distinguished Lecture Series | Contemporary Quantitative Investment: A Field Which Solves Complex Problems with Cutting Edge Technologies

On May 29, Dr. Pan Xingguo, partner and CEO of Pandtong Quantitative Research Limited presented CUHK-Shenzhen SME-SFI Distinguished Lecture Series, and shared his views on quantitative investment from the perspective as a practitioner.

Distinguished Lecture Series | How Will China Explore a New Path for Economic Development in the Changing Situation? Cheng Shi’s Deep Analysis On "Dual Circulation"

Cheng Shi, Chief Economist and Managing Director of ICBC International, said that, the future of China's economy lies in the "Dual Circulation", while the future of global investment and international financial markets lies in China.

Distinguished Lecture Series | Shen Minggao: China and U.S.: A G-2 in the Making?

Shen Minggao, Chief Economist of Guangfa Securities, Chief Executive Officer of GF Holdings (Hong Kong), shared his views on the macro changes of 2021.

In the G7 Finance Ministers Meeting held recently, the global minimum tax rate was set at 15%, and the domestic policy of the U.S. has also been changed from tax cuts to tax increases. Will the world enter a tax increase cycle?
Why is the research on digital currency faster in emerging markets? Why are the frameworks of central bank digital currencies different? Will the development of digital currencies impact the virtual currencies? Prof. Shu Tao, the Presidential Chair Professor and Associate Director of Shenzhen Finance Institute, shared his insights in an interview with Phoenix TV.
Shang-Jin Wei, Board Member of Shenzhen Finance Institute, commented that, maintaining Trump's tariffs will seriously run counter to Biden's urgent goal of achieving an inclusive economic recovery in the United States.
On the National Wealth Forum jointly launched by the China Wealth Management 50 Forum and XINHUANET , Xiao Gang, Member of the CPPCC, Former Chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission, Board Member of Shenzhen Finance Institute, discussed issues such as how to reduce financial risks and promote developments, how FinTech can reinforce regula...
The current digital economy plays an significant role in expanding consumer demand and stimulating the investment vitality. The improvement of new infrastructure, the upgrade of equipment and technology can also help companies achieve digital transformation and upgrading, thereby realizing a virtuous circle.
The pandemic has had a profound impact on methods of education. Due to the requirements of social distance, we must make full use of Internet for education. The high-speed development of Internet has also made distance education a reality, and artificial intelligence technology will completely change the future of education.
One of the biggest changes that have caused turbulence and adjustment of global financial markets is that the entire market has shifted from deflation expectations to inflation expectations. Xiao Gang, Member of the CPPCC, Former Chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission, Board Member of Shenzhen Finance Institute, made the above statement recently.
During National People's Congress and the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (NPC & CPPCC), Xiao Gang, Member of the CPPCC, Former Chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission, Board Member of Shenzhen Finance Institute accepted media interview. He expressed that the proportion of direct financing sho...
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