About the Center

The Center for Institutions and Capital Market

The Center for Institutions and Capital Market dedicates to high quality academic and applied research on institutions of China’s emerging capital market, employing multi-disciplinary theories from economics, finance, political science, social science, and management. The Center also invests in developing big-data-based research platform, constructs infrastructure for interested scholars to collaborate and develop their research ideas through organizing regular workshops and academic conferences and hosting distinguished visiting scholars, and provides products catering to the demand from investors, regulators, stock exchanges and policy makers.

Professor Zhang Tianyu is the Director of the Center for Institutions and Capital Market. His research focuses on the interrelationship among institutions, corporate governance and corporate transparency. Professor Zhang has published research articles in numerous scholarly journals such as Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, The Accounting Review, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Accounting Research, Contemporary Accounting Research, Journal of Law and Economics and Journal of Law, Economics and Organization.

Contact Email: cicm@cuhk.edu.cn


Tianyu Zhang

BA (Nankai); MA (SUFE); PhD (HKUST)

Research Field

Institutions in China’s Capital Market Corporate Governance