About the Center

The Center for FinTech and Social Finance

The Center for FinTech and Social Finance aims to build various resource platforms through focusing on innovative application of financial sector in aspect of big data and sustainable finance, so as to promote development of FinTech in social finance, especially in the aspect of social impact investment. The center intends to combine finance and technology, and enhance the development of the theoretical and empirical studies in FinTech and social finance, in order to provide academic support and services for related agencies in their technical innovation and policy formulation.

The Director of this center is Professor Zhang Bohui, who is now Executive Associate Dean of School of Management and Economics, CUHK-Shenzhen, and Presidential Chair Professor. His main research areas include FinTech and sustainable finance.


Zhang Bohui

Executive Dean of SME, CUHK-Shenzhen

Presidential Chair Professor

Co-director of MSc in Data Science

Programme, SFI; Associate Dean of Shenzhen Institute of Data Economy

Research Field

Money, Banking and Financial Markets with an Emphasis on Central Banks, Asset Management, and Financial Institutions

Research Team

Research Fellow: Haifeng Wu

Phd. (UNSW)

Research Field: FinTech, Financial Derivatives, Financial Econometrics, Financial Assets Risk Management

Email: wuhaifeng@cuhk.edu.cn