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The Center for Economic Data Research

The Center for Economic Data Research is a third-party economic data monitoring platform under Shenzhen Finance Institute, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, specializing in economic data collection and research. Combining internet technology with statistics and economics, the Center is committed to performing dynamic and accurate economic data research on economic entities of an industry within the region of a province, a city, and a country and forming specified research results, thus functioning as a think tank and economic data service provider for public policy makers, financial institutions, enterprises, universities and colleges.

The Director of the center, Professor Xiong Wei, is the Academic Dean of Shenzhen Finance Institute. He is currently the Trumbull-Adams Professor of Finance and Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics and Bendheim Center for Finance, Princeton University. Professor Xiong’s research interests center on the defects of the capital market and behavioral finance.


Xiong Wei

Academic Dean of Shenzhen Finance Institute;

Trumbull-Adams Professor of Finance and Professor of Economics, Princeton University

Research Field

Defects of the Capital Market and Behavioral Finance

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Research Team

Research Fellow: Cong Xie

- Assistant Professor, SME, CUHK-Shenzhen - PhD, UCLA

Research Field: Macroeconomics/IO, Patents and Innovation

Email: richardxie@cuhk.edu.cn

Research Fellow: Mingyuan Wang

Professor Mingyuan Wang, currently serves as a research fellow in SFI, CUHK-Shenzhen. He is an international mergers and acquisitions trader, and a visiting professor at Shenzhen University. He has been engaged in international taxation for nearly two decades and has in-depth research and unique insights into international taxation issues. His previous positions included Director of Large Enterprise Management Office of Shenzhen State Taxation Bureau, Director of International Taxation Management Office, Director of Shenzhen Municipal State Taxation Bureau Second Inspection Bureau; Besides, he has rich international tax theory and practical experience, and is an expert in international tax planning and audit review. He served as a member of the Expert Review Committee for Major Anti-Tax Avoidance Cases of the State Administration of Taxation, and led the investigation and handling of the country’s largest anti-tax avoidance case; He led the planning and general review of the book "Shenzhen Going Global Tax Services", and he is the author of "Tax Risk Avoidance Strategy for Cross-border M&A" and other monographs.

Research Field: International Taxation