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Distinguished Lecture Series | Wang Yiping: Investing and Human Nature: Learn to Invest Money in One Lesson

Guests of this lecture: Wang Yiping, Founder of Shenzhen Jasper Capital. ...


Distinguished Lecture Series | Li Bozhong: Innovation and Backwardness - The 'Early Maturity Yet Immaturity' of Ancient Chinese Currency Development."

Guests of this lecture: Li Bozhong, Chair Professor of Humanities at Peking University....


Distinguished Lecture Series | Lu Qi: Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD)

Guests of this lecture: Lu Qi, Director of Global Business Process of Senior Finance, Philips ...


Distinguished Lecture Series | Shu Chang: How Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse Are Changing Global Central Bank Policy

Guests of this lecture: Shu Chang, Chief Asia Economist for Bloomberg Economics....


Distinguished Lecture Series | Xu Xiaohong: FinTech Trends and Practices

Guests of this lecture: Xu Xiaohong, Chairman & Chief Technology Officer of Deltafit Digital Technology (Zhuhai) Co.,Ltd ...