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The development of Shenzhen Finance Institute is inseparable from the support from friends from all walks of life, and from parents and alumni. Your kind donation to Shenzhen Finance Institute can help us achieve our mission better. By inheriting the decade-long philosophy and spirit of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, we are determined to cultivate talents with our high-quality teaching and research to serve the public and benefit the community. Your donation will be used to provide scholarships, support students' study and life, improve research conditions, develop innovative and forward-looking research work, and help Shenzhen Finance Institute to grow into a modern, open, and multi-faceted academic community full of energy and humanism.

Donating to Shenzhen Financial Institute will also help you to achieve care and invest in education, to give back to the society, and to fulfill the wishes of virtue. Through donations, you can also get tax breaks and have the opportunity to name the university's classrooms and buildings as a commemoration.