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  • 1 The company fills in the "Company Information Form", provides business license, job descriptions and other electronic documents, and emails the required documents to cdcsfi@cuhk.edu.cn, +86-755-23372600.
  • 2 The Career Development Center will contact the company within 24 hours after receiving the information and communicate details.
  • 3 The Career Development Center assists companies in posting job information, promotes H5 WeChat materials, and arranges recruitment activities.
  • 4 The company receives the resumes of students from the school.
  • 5 The company screens resumes and arranges follow-up interviews and written tests.
  • 6 The company confirms and provides a list of employment to the Career Development Center.


Internship recruitment and School-Enterprise Projects

Long term cooperation
Company Presentations Span

September-November and March-May of the following year
Internship Cycle

At least half-year full-time internship after July

Enterprise Zone

Recruiters Corporate Partnerships

Student Zone

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