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2022 SFI Annual Report
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The pool of teachers at the Shenzhen Finance Institute (SFI) is expanding, with 13 new professors on board, increasing the total number of faculty members to 106.

Number of teachers

Total number of faculty members/The number of newly recruited teachers

The newly recruited professors in 2022 include Cao Jiyin, Huang Kanyuan, Lin Wei, Martin Shu, Zhao Yabo, Wu Tao, Di Chenchen, Gong Zheng, Huang Rihuan, Jiang Yangzi, Zhang Haozhao, Zhang Yiming, and Alessandro Golombiewski Teixeira. (in no particular order).

They come from all corners of the world, including 74 from Chinese mainland, 14, Hong Kong, 1, Taiwan, 2, Malaysia, 5, South Korea, 1, Thailand, 2, Canada, 5, the United States, 1, Brazil, and 1, Italy. 

They graduated from the world’s top universities, all with doctoral degrees from prestigious overseas universities. Among them, 71% graduated from schools in North America, 7%, Europe, and 22%, Asia.

The School faculty members cover various fields of business. 

Among them, 16 specialize in operations management and information system, 17, accounting, 11, management, 24, economics, 24, finance, and 14, marketing.

The School professors won many awards in 2022. Among them, Professor Jia Jianmin and Professor Zhang Bohui won the Distinguished Scientific Research Award and the Youth Scientific Research Award of CUHK-Shenzhen respectively. Assistant Professor Sun Cong received the Shenzhen Education Award, and Assistant Professor Liu Hongqi received the Presidential Exemplary Teaching Award of CUHK-Shenzhen, and Assistant Professor Wilburn Tsang received the Teaching Ethics Award of CUHK-Shenzhen. In addition, the School has witnessed a record-breaking moment when Professor Jia Jianmin won the First Prize of the 2022 Shenzhen Science and Technology Progress Award, and Assistant Professor Li Qi was named as one of the Top 50 Best Undergraduate Business Professors of 2022 by Poets and Quants.

Academic research

In 2022, SFI witnessed 62 newly accepted papers, of which 20 papers were accepted by FT50 journals and 13 by UTD24 journals.


*Alphabetical order by author's last name

Chen Chen & Dylan Walker. (2022). A Bitter Pill to Swallow? The Consequences of Patient Evaluation in Online Health Question-and-Answer Platforms. Information Systems Research.

David Chen, Christopher S. Tang, HuihuiWang, Rowan Wang, & Yimin Yu. (2022). Offering Free Upgrades Even Before Stocks Run Out: The Value of Proactive Upgrades. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management,24(4),2081-2097.

Saif Benjaafar, David Chen, Rowan Wang, & Zhenzhen Yan. (2022). Appointment Scheduling Under a Service-Level Constraint. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.

Zheng Gong, Jin Huang, & Yuxin Chen. (2022).What the Past Tells About the Future: Historical Prices in the Durable Goods Market. Management Science, 68(12),8857 -8871.

Zhongchen Hu. (2022). Social Interactions and Households' Flood Insurance Decisions. Journal of Financial Economics, 144(2), 414-432.

Liu Ming & Tunay I. Tunca. (2022). Consumer Equilibrium, Demand Effects, and Efficiency in Group Buying. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 24(3),1437-1456

Wenzheng Mao, Liu Ming, Ying Rong, Christopher ร. Tang, & Huan Zheng. (2022). On-Demand Meal Delivery Platforms: Operational Level Data and Research Opportunities. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 24(5),2535-2542.

Andrew Ellul, Cong Wang, & Kuo Zhang. (2022). Labor Unemployment Risk and CEO Incentive Compensation. Management Science.

Yifan Jiao, Christopher S. Tang, & jingqi Wang. (2022). An Empirical Study of Play Duration and In-App Purchase Behavior in Mobile Games. Production and Operations Management, 31(9), 3435-3456.

Lin Peng, Siew Hong Teoh, Yakun Wang, &Jiawen Yan. (2022). Face Value: Trait Impressions, Performance Characteristics, and Market Outcomes for Financial Analysts. Journal of Accounting Research, 60(2), 653- 705.

Michael Sockin & Wei Xiong. (2022) Decentralization Through Tokenization. Journal of Finance.

Kemin Wang, Xiaoyun Yu, & Bohui Zhang. (2022). Panda Games: Corporate Disclosure in the Eclipse of Search. Management Science.

Gokkaya, Sinan, Xi Liu, Veronika Pool, Fei Xie, & Jinfan Zhang. (2022). Is There Investment Value in Soft Dollar Arrangements? Evidence from Mutual Funds. Review of Financial Studies.

The School received nine grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) in 2022. Zhao Jianliang (Responsible person) was supported by NSFC Key Program; three professors, namely Shu Tao (Responsible person), Wang Jingqi (Responsible person), and Ming Liu were acknowledged by NSFC General Program; and five professors, namely, Chen Rui (Responsible person), Huang Zongbo (Responsible person), Sui Pengfei (Responsible person), Xie Huihua (Responsible person), and Zhang Peng (Responsible person) received grants from NSFC’s Youth Science Fund. Professor Ai Chunrong (Responsible person), Professor Chen Qihui, and Professor Dou Liyu, were funded by NSFC/Research Grants Council (RGC) Joint Research Scheme [NSFC-RGC (Mainland-Hong Kong)]. 

The School won 3 grants from Guangdong Province in 2022. Professor Wang Jingqi (Responsible person) and Professor Zhang Peng (Responsible person) received grants from Guangdong Basic and Applied Basic Research Foundation (Provincial Natural Science Fund) for Outstanding Youth Research Program. Professor Ai Chunrong (Responsible person), Professor Song Yangbo, and Professor Li Ming were supported by Key Program of Regional Joint Fund of Guangdong Basic and Applied Basic Research Foundation.

The School professors crowned many awards in 2022. Professor Hu Zhongchen won the Hillcrest Best Paper Award in Behavioral Finance by The Review of Financial Studies. Professor Gong Zheng won Gregory Chow Best Paper Award. Professor Lu Guangli won the CSEF/UniCredit Foundation Best Paper Award. Professor Sui Pengfei won the CFRC 2022 Behavioral Finance Best Paper Award. Professor Zhang Jinfan won the 2022 Best Paper Award by Review of Finance, a journal of the European Finance Association. Professor Zhang Bohui won the Excellent Paper Award of Industrial Securities at the 6th Chinese Academy of Finance and Accounting Annual Conference.

Think tank

The Center for Macro-Financial Stability and Innovation

- Compiled and published 8 issues of Economic Analysis and Policy Outlook of U.S.

The Center for Economic Data Research

- Conducted independent research and development on “big data anti-counterfeiting verification platform for mass consumption behaviors and products”

The Center for FinTech and Social Finance

- Compiled and published 4 research reports, namely, Carbon Rating Report of China’s 100 Overseas Listed Companies, Handbook of Social Impact Investment, Research Report on Job Recruitment of Chinese Public Companie s2022, and Annual Report on ESG Investing in China’s Asset Management Industry 2022

- Built a “data apprentice” talent training and practice platform 

The Institute of Policy and Practice

- Published 11 political and economic reviews on China and the world on Project Syndicate

- Published 3 articles on Ta Kung Pao, namely, Taping the Potential of Hong Kong-owned Manufacturing Industries in Chinese Mainland for the Industrial Revival in Hong Kong, New Thinking Is Needed for Re-industrialization in Hong Kong, and Future Industrial Layouts beyond Geographical Boundaries

- Published 2 articles on FTChinese.com, namely, Blind Box Economy: How to Understand and Supervise It? and After National College Entrance Examination: How to Use Economics in Your Decision of College Application

- Published an article titled “Beyond Competition”, Key to the National Unified Market, on the Hong Kong International Finance Review, which was included in the book Unified Market

- Published an article titled Reasons behind the Failure of These Emerging Markets on Caijing magazine

- Participated in the compilation of Digital Economics, Posts & Telecom Press, published in August 2022

- Authored the book titled Entrepreneurial Ethics (as the first author, co-authored with Qin Yi), China Machine Press, published in December 2022

Served as an international exchange platform

A total of 42 English articles and 6 Chinese academic research short videos were published on the website of VoxChina. The top ten in the rank of page views, among the 153 countries and regions around the world with the access to the website, are China, the United States, Singapore, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Australia, the Netherlands and South Korea.

Academic events

16 high-level academic activities and forums were held:

•   Asian Meeting of the Econometric Society in China 2022

•   The 10th Seminar of the China International Finance 30 Forum - Financial Cooperation and Innovation

•   The Greater Bay Area Chief Economist Forum 2022

•   The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Entrepreneurs Forum 2022

•   International Sustainable Financial Elements Empower the Innovative Development of the GBA CUHK-Shenzhen Lakeside Finance Forum

•   The 8th China Finance Annual Conference

•   SFS Cavalcade Asia-Pacific 2022

•   The 2nd CUHKSZ-PHBS Economics and Finance Workshop

•   The 3rd CUHKSZ-PHBS Economics and Finance Workshop

•   Forum on Research and Application of Fintech in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area 

•   2022 China SIF Week ——Academic Workshop on ESG Practice and Investment Return 

•   Workshop on Guidance for Enterprise ESG Disclosure

•   Workshop on Challenges and Countermeasures of the COVID-19 in Hong Kong

•   Workshop on Opportunities and Challenges of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cooperation

•   In Response to Financial Sanctions: Challenges and Options of Hong Kong

•   Workshop on Shenzhen-Hong Kong Integrated Development for International Competitiveness

In addition, SME and SFI held 8 sessions of Distinguished Lecture Series themed on global economic hotspots and such issues as carbon neutrality and invited influential industrial leaders, experts from decision-making departments and other well-known scholars to share their in-depth opinions.

Discipline construction and students’ development

SFI welcomed 829 freshmen in 2022.

Lifelong education system with eight majors

Full-time postgraduate programmes

MSc in Finance, MSc in Economics, MSc in Accounting, MSc in Data Science, MSc in Marketing, and MSc in Information Management and Business Analytics

Part-time postgraduate programmes

MSc in Finance, MSc in Business Management (MBM), and Finance EMBA

Discipline development

MSc in Finance programme was accredited by CFA University Affiliation Program.

MSc in Data Science programme ranked 1st in China, 2nd in Asia and 23rd in the world according to QS Master’s in Business Analytics Ranking 2023.

Further education and employment

Full-time postgraduate programmes

347 graduates of Class of 2021 from MSc in Finance, MSc in Economics, MSc in Accounting, MSc in Data Science, and MSc in Marketing registered an employment rate as high as 97.4% on the whole, of which 90.5% chose direct employment, with an average annual salary of RMB303,000. 4.9% continued their further education (14 students applied for doctoral degrees to well-known universities at home and abroad). 58.1% preferred to stay in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area for career development.

Part-time postgraduate programmes

SFI has trained many outstanding and versatile talents in finance and management for the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, China and even the world, with a comprehensive improvement in their expertise, innovative thinking, strategic decision-making, leadership and vision. It has witnessed an increasing number of graduates being promoted to mid-level and senior managers with an expected or more than expected salary increase, taking on more important positions and pursuing career development on greater platforms.