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The New Book "Entrepreneurial Ethics " by SFI Researcher Ben Li Was Published
Release time:2023-01-05Views:1462

The new book Entrepreneurial Ethics, co-authored by Ben Li, Executive Editor of the Hong Kong International Financial Review, Research Fellow of Shenzhen Finance Institute of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Qin Yi, innovation and talent management expert, partner and researcher of 321lab, Zhejiang Hupan Entrepreneurship Research Center, was officially published. 

The book was prepared over a period of 2 years through systematic in-depth research in the field of entrepreneurial ethics at home and abroad. It is expected to enhance the entrepreneurial ethical awareness of entrepreneurs and related personnel, grasp the ethical principles in entrepreneurship, help solve the ethical problems in entrepreneurship, improve the decision-making ability of entrepreneurial ethics, and explore how to make entrepreneurial activities more ethical so that entrepreneurs can gain longer-term, more comprehensive, and more solid competitive advantages at the value level through study and practice.

This book is one of the "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Series of Higher Education" of China Machine Press, which can be used as a teaching material for talent training and entrepreneurship cultivation. It is also a handbook to help startups and individual entrepreneurs and practitioners guide ethical decision-making, and a useful exploration of the emerging discipline of entrepreneurial ethics.