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Lunar New Year Sharing from SFI Faculty and Students
Release time:2023-01-21Views:1395


Liu Na

Assistant Professor of School of Management and Economics (SME), CUHK-Shenzhen

A lot happened over the past year. It was not easy for me. Personally, I started explorations into a bigger world and learned how to respect my inner feelings, with a more complete understanding of the world and myself. I would like to thank many people over the past year. I am very lucky to have you around to light up my life and vice versa. We went through some challenging times together and left many precious and wonderful memories. With the celebration of a new year, accompanied by new challenges, we are filled with new courage and strength. I hope everyone can have a more peaceful inner world against all changes from the outside world. I wish you all a blessed new year of peace, your own happiness and continued good health!

Zhang Chenglong

Assistant Professor of School of Management and Economics (SME), CUHK-Shenzhen

I have never liked to describe something as extraordinary, but the Year of the Tiger is an exception. In the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, people were overwhelmed. However, history proves that things always evolve. Finally, we all ushered in a new chapter in our lives by the end of the year. However sad, helpless or frustrated you were in the past year, you need to move on, after all, with romance. “There is only one romanticism in the world: to see the life as it is, and to live it full of hope.”


Yang Liuxiaoxiao

MSc in Finance, 2022 Intake , SFI, CUHK-Shenzhen

Motto: “I gain strength from all these changes in my growth.”

Pan Yue

MSc in Information Management and Business Analytics, 2022 Intake , SFI, CUHK-Shenzhen

Motto: “Life needs you to be present. You need to immerse yourself in the current life to feel the real and fiery vitality and creativity. ”