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SME Awarded “Advanced Teaching Unit in Shenzhen 2023”
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The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK-Shenzhen) bestowed the Award for Ethics in Teaching and the Shenzhen Education Excellence Award on September 28, 2023. At the ceremony, Professor Sung Kwan Lee of the School of Management and Economics (SME) won the CUHK-Shenzhen Award for Ethics in Teaching 2023 and Professor Ren Qitian won the title of “Outstanding Teacher in Shenzhen 2023.” As a first-class school of management and economics, SME stood out among many teaching units in Shenzhen and was awarded the “Advanced Teaching Unit in Shenzhen 2023.” It was highly recognized for its efforts in education and research and remarkable achievements in cultivating outstanding talents and promoting education.

Professor Sung Kwan Lee Awarded the “CUHK-Shenzhen Award for Ethics in Teaching 2023”  

Sung Kwan Lee is an Assistant Professor of Finance at SME, CUHK-Shenzhen. As a foreign teacher of SME Finance, Professor Li adheres to the results-oriented teaching philosophy and focuses on integrating theory and practice. He adopts case studies, classroom discussions, group projects, and other teaching methods to stimulate students’ enthusiasm for learning finance and help students develop the habits of critical thinking and innovation. He has guided students in various business competitions, written many letters of recommendation for them, and employed his leisure time to tutor those with learning difficulties after class. He has taught more than 1,300 students and scored among the highest in teaching assessment. 

Professor Ren Qitian Awarded the Title of “Outstanding Teacher in Shenzhen 2023”

Professor Ren Qitian is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at SME, CUHK-Shenzhen. As the winner of the Presidential Exemplary Teaching Award in 2022, he has been beloved by students for his teaching methods. Professor Ren believes that interest is the best teacher and practices it in his quest for new knowledge and understanding of the world. After becoming a teacher, he incorporated it into his routine education. He believes that only by understanding the needs and interests of the students in class can a teacher impart the knowledge in a way that interests them.

SME Awarded the “Advanced Teaching Unit in Shenzhen 2023”

SME will be motivated by such an honor and continue to strive for excellence, keep up with development trends, improve education quality, and actively promote education innovation to make more significant contributions to education in Shenzhen and society.