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Important Notice of Exemption from the Written Examinations of MSc in Finance Programme
Release time:2023-10-19Views:354

To improve the assessment efficiency and simplify the application process of the MSc in Finance programme enrollment for the academic year 2024, the written examinations of the entrance examination will be exempted* after the internal assessment of the programme team. Excellent applicants after material screening will directly participate in the interview session.

Due to the exemption from the written examinations of this academic year, the Admission Committee of the programme team will make a comprehensive assessment based on the applicant’s academic application materials such as transcripts submitted in the application system, and decide whether to issue a conditional pre-admission letter containing preparatory courses1. (i.e., the applicant is required to pass preparatory courses such as Mathematics, Finance, Accounting, or Python2. The number of courses will be decided based on a combination of academic grades in the relevant subjects on the transcripts, grade rankings (if any), professional qualifications (if any), etc. If the relevant documents show that the applicant has studied all the above courses with good grades, no preparatory courses will be needed. For those admitted required to take preparatory courses, they should fulfill the preparatory course requirements before successfully enrolling in the programme.)

For applicants who have taken the written examinations, the programme team will set the admission requirements for preparatory courses for each subject concerning the written examinations.

For applicants who have passed the material screening and fulfilled the requirements of a green passage (i.e., the applicants with an original exemption from the written examinations, such as CFA charterholders, etc.), the original exemption remains unchanged, and no preparatory course is required.

The original notice is available: https://sfi.cuhk.edu.cn/en/show-51-1266.html