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Fifth Anniversary of Shenzhen Finance Institute ∣ Stories Behind the Images
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Fifth Anniversary of Shenzhen Finance Institute ∣ Stories Behind the Images I

2017 January 12

Shenzhen Finance Institute was founded.

Shenzhen Finance Institute (hereinafter referred to as “SFI”) was established by The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen (CUHK-Shenzhen) with the support of Shenzhen. SFI is committed to nurturing high-end talents in finance and economics, conducting high-level research, establishing a global exchange platform, and functioning as a state-of-the-art think-tank.

2017 December 14

The campus of Shenzhen Finance Institute in Futian was unveiled.

From then on, the teachers and students of SFI can devote themselves to learning and studying in a quiet and humanistic environment, and practice and communicate in the most active financial CBD in the Shenzhen City.


SFI signed a strategic cooperation contract with Futian District, Shenzhen

Futian District and Shenzhen Finance Institute will go all out to create a vivid example of a metropolitan university and better help the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Pilot Demonstration Zone of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics.


Shenzhen Finance Institute witnessed teaching and learning space expansion.

The newly added teaching and learning space will further meet the needs of the rapidly developing talent education.

At present, SFI has established a multi-level teaching and research system involving full-time professors, distinguished professors, adjunct professors and industry practitioners. In the past five years, the faculty won many top academic awards at home and abroad, including Nobel Prize in Economics, China Economics Prize and Sun Yefang Financial Innovation Award, and produced two fellows of the Econometric Society. The part-time Master of Science in Management programme, which has been established for three years, won the first place in TOP30 best China-foreign cooperation master programs of China Business School twice. Moreover, in September 2021, the Master of Science in Data Science ranked second in Asia-Pacific.

Fifth Anniversary of Shenzhen Finance Institute ∣ Stories Behind the Images II

At present, SFI has formed a world-class teaching and research team composed of full-time and part-time professors, distinguished professors, adjunct professors and academic advisors, among which 100 are full-time professors. SFI adopts international recruitment standards for leading business and management disciplines and recruits outstanding scholars all over the world. The disciplines include accounting, economics, financial management, marketing, operation management and information system.

100% received Ph.D. degrees from famous overseas universities
8% graduated from European universities
67% graduated from North American universities
25% graduated from Asian Pacific universities

Industry Background
The faculty not only has teaching or research experience in world-class universities, but also has experiences closely integrated with the industry.
Senior Research Economist and Advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Economist of International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Senior Economist of Hong Kong Monetary Authority

World-class research
The team pursued researches in the world frontier and achieved fruitful results.
Won domestic high-standard management award
Important awards won include but not limited to:

China Economics Prize
Fudan Management Outstanding Contribution Award
Sun Yefang Financial Innovation Award
Pu Shan World Economics Excellent Paper Award
Leading figures in various fields
The Journal of Finance
Co-editor of The Journal of Finance
Fellow of the Econometric Society
Fellow of American Statistical Association
Their papers were published in authoritative journals in the world.

Since 2017, 233 papers of the team have been published (accepted) in international top journals, including but not limited to:
Academy of Management Journal
American Economic Review
Information Systems Research
Journal of Accounting and Economics
Journal of Accounting Research
Journal of Consumer Research
Journal of Finance
Journal of Financial Economics
Journal of International Business Studies
Journal of Marketing Research
Journal of Political Economy
Management Science
Manufacturing and Service Operations Management
Marketing Science
Production and Operations Management
Quarterly Journal of Economics
Review of Economic Studies
Strategic Management Journal
The Accounting Review
The Review of Financial Studies

Forge ahead with pioneering spirit and devote the whole self to scientific research
Up to now, the faculty team has successfully applied for 31 research funds or projects.
Major projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China
Key projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China
Major bidding projects of National Social Science Fund
Special COVID-19 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China
General projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China
Youth projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China
Guangdong Outstanding Youth Project

Research platform construction

In the past five years, Shenzhen Finance Institute has set up nine research centers (institutes) to carry out various high-level research in depth. In keeping with the global trend and national development priorities, SFI compiled and published a series of research monographs on Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Annual ESG Investment Report of China’s Asset Management Industry.

Fifth Anniversary of Shenzhen Finance Institute ∣ Stories Behind the Images III


Shenzhen Finance Institute focused on the hot issues in the world economic and financial fields, and held dozens of high-level international academic conferences, high-level forums, dialogues and lectures.

High-level forums include but not limit to: Greater Bay Area Economic and Development Forum (2018-2019) and Greater Bay Area Chief Economist Forum (2019-2021); The academic exchange platform VoxChina.org was officially launched in 2017, and 240 researches have been published so far.


SFI Distinguished Lecture Series (monthly activity since 2018)

Every month, SFI invites industry leaders to interpret the latest policies and share the latest views, so that the audience can learn cutting-edge practices and research, and understand the industry and macro development trends. Currently, 32 sessions have been held.

Master Forum

Top professors from different fields impart knowledge to students, and each professor opens up new horizons for everyone through the forums.

Shenzhen Finance Institute has cooperated extensively with many financial institutions to promote industry progress and social development.

In the preparatory stage, Shenzhen Finance Institute, relying on The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, jointly established the “Workshop on the Research of China’s Stock Trading Mechanism” with Princeton University and Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

On March 23, 2019, the “Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao FinTech Professional Programme” was launched.

In May, 2021, the Master of Science Program in Data Science and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. launched a joint training program for postgraduates.

Fifth Anniversary of Shenzhen Finance Institute ∣ Stories Behind the Images IV

SFI collaborates with CUHK-Shenzhen to offer six full-time programmes and three part-time programmes, and is committed to cultivating internationally influential innovative top-notch talents in the financial and economic fields and serving the country’s demand for high-level talents in the economic and financial fields. Since its establishment, 2,220 students have been enrolled in various programmes.

The Executive Development Programme (EDP) is designed for the re-education of middle and senior managers.

Since 2017, SFI has held summer camps for outstanding college students for five consecutive years, aiming at selecting outstanding college students to enter full-time master’s programmes around the world for further study, promoting exchanges between college students at home and abroad, and spreading the charm of Shenzhen by leading students to visit Shenzhen’s entrepreneurial, financial and technological centers in depth.

The number of applications for SFI programmes has increased year by year, and the competition has become increasingly fierce. The quality of enrolled students has remained at a high level. The employment rate of full-time graduates in 2020 is 98.5%, with an average annual salary of 239,000 yuan. Nearly 60% of graduates choose to work in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and explore their bright future.

The employment rate of the graduates of Master of Science in Data Science in 2021 is 95%, with an average annual salary of 370,000 yuan, which is quite high among the top universities in China.

The Executive Development Programme of Shenzhen Finance Institute has provided all-round and international learning plans and solutions for many enterprises and senior managers in the past five years, and has met the continuous learning needs of enterprises and individuals at all stages.