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In the First Quarter of 2022, 29 Papers from SME and SFI Were Accepted by International Journals
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In the first quarter of 2022, 29 papers from the School of Management and Economics and Shenzhen Finance Institute of The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen were accepted by international journals, including 10 FT50 papers and 5 UTD24 papers. They are contributed by: Jia Jianmin, J. Leon Zhao, Shu Tao, Wang Jian, Wang Yongxiang, Zhang Bohui, Zhang Tianyu, Chen Rui, Hu Zhongchen, Lee Sung Kwan, Li Zehao, Liu Zhuang, Ming Liu, Wang Yakun, Wu Shijia, Xiao Fenglong, Xie Huihua, Yang Shijie, Zhang Peng and Zhang Wen.

Papers published on core journals

Professor Shu Tao

Life is Too Short? Bereaved Managers and Investment Decisions

Co-author(s):Clark Liu, Johan Sulaeman, and P. Eric Yeung

Review of Finance

The Role of External Regulators in Mergers and Acquisitions: Evidence from SEC Comment Letters

Co-author(s):Tingting Liu, Erin Towery, and Jasmine Wang

Review of Accounting Studies

Professor Wang Jian

FDI and Firm Productivity in Host Countries: The Role of Financial Constraints

Co-author(s):Wontae Han, and Xiao Wang

Journal of International Money and Finance

Professor Zhang Bohui

Panda Games: Corporate Disclosure in the Eclipse of Search

Co-author(s):Kemin Wang, and Xiaoyun Yu

Management Science

State Controlling Shareholders and Payout Policy

Co-author(s):Chen Lin, Hang Liu, and Chenkai Ni

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis

Professor Zhang Tianyu

Political Networks and Stock Price Comovement: Evidence from network-connected firms in China

Co-author(s):Joseph Poitroski D., and T J Wong

Review of Finance

Assistant Professor Chen Rui

Offering Free Upgrades Even before Stocks Run out: The Value of Proactive Upgrades

Co-author(s):Christopher S Tang, Huihui Wang, Rowan Wang, and Yimin Yu

Manufacturing and Service Operations Management

Assistant Professor Hu Zhongchen

Social Interactions and Households' Flood Insurance Decisions

Journal of Financial Economics

Assistant Professor Ming Liu

Consumer Equilibrium, Demand Effects, and Efficiciency in Group Buying

Co-author(s):Tunay I. Tunca

Manufacturing and Service Operations Management

Assistant Professor Wang Yakun

Face Value: Trait Impressions, Performance Characteristics, and Market Outcomes for Financial Analysts

Co-author(s):Lin Peng, Siew Hong Teoh, and Jiawen Yan

Journal of Accounting Research

Assistant Professor Xiao Fenglong

Non-Competes and Innovation: Evidence from Medical Devices

Research Policy

Assistant Professor Xie Huihua

Pay for performance scheme and labor productivity: evidence from a kinked payment in China

Co-author(s):Xiqian Cai, Hong Song, and Wei Jiang

Journal of Development Economics