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Distinguished Lecture Series | Xu Xiaohong: FinTech Trends and Practices
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Shenzhen Finance Institute 

School of Management and Economics, CUHK-Shenzhen 

Guest Profile

Xu Xiaohong

Chairman & Chief Technology Officer of Deltafit Digital Technology (Zhuhai) Co.,Ltd

Xu Xiaohong has served as a senior executive at top domestic and international financial institutions. She spent more than 20 years in Wall Street investment banks, and experienced the 2008 financial crisis as head of the core business team. She led the team that created the automated quantitative interest rate and derivatives trading system that became an industry leader. She is currently the inventor of several financial intelligence database, blockchain, artificial intelligence, algorithm software patents and several quantitative financial risk management, artificial intelligence application software publications. She is the author of Financing of Small Medium and Micro Enterprises in the Digital Era (China Finance Publishing House), and is the professor of practice and postdoctoral supervisor at Zhuhai Fudan Innovation Institute and the Institute of Finance, Guangzhou University (Guangzhou Institute of International Finance).

Lecture Topic

FinTech Trends and Practices

FinTech is a developing frontier field. Its content, industry, and application areas are all evolving at a rapid pace. How to extract the framework and methods to study this field and grasp the trend of development amidst the dizzying changes is a hot topic of research in both academia and industry. At the same time, the organic integration of finance and technology in the digital era has triggered a large number of innovations. These innovations will revolutionize the financial industry and become one of the main drivers of the next industrial revolution.