Distinguished Lecture Series

Distinguished Lecture Series | Wang Yiping: Investing and Human Nature: Learn to Invest Money in One Lesson

Release time:25 September 2023


Shenzhen Finance Institute

School of Management and Economics, CUHK-Shenzhen

Guest Profile

Wang Yiping

Founder of Shenzhen Jasper Capital

Wang Yiping, M.D., Shanghai Jiaotong University, Ph.D. in Engineering, Columbia University, MBA, Columbia Business School, Research Scientist, Neurological Institute, New York, USA.

He was an equity investment strategist at Citigroup in the US and president of Jasper Asset Management in the US. Now, he is the founder of Shenzhen Jasper Capital. He has invested in stocks, bonds, commodities, and financial derivatives markets in the U.S., Canada, Japan, and China, and has experienced five market crises: the Asian Financial Crisis in 1998, the Internet Bubble in 1999, the 9/11 Incident in 2001, the Global Financial Tsunami in 2008, and the China Stock Market Crash in 2015, and has gained positive in all five crises, also has made positive returns for all investors.

Specialties: Engineering, Investing, Psychology, etc.  Books: "The Character of Money" 2017; "The Principle of Human Nature" - in publication  Others: Awarded "40 People of Finance and Economics in Shenzhen in 40 Years"

Lecture Topic

Investing and Human Nature: Learn to Invest Money in One Lesson

Wealth and investment are topics that every individual, family, group, and nation must face. The theory and practice of investment science become clear under the guidance of reason, but become vague under the intervention of human nature. Still, it is closely related to your happiness, your life and your future.

This sharing intends to use the time of one class to let you know the investment avenue and avoid the wrong way; to control the most useful investment and financial management techniques, to understand the strengths and weaknesses of human nature, and to take a shot at your own future.

Specific content includes: the definition and connotation of assets, the essence and risk of investment, common fallacies and misunderstandings of investment, the most practical investment techniques, the fundamentals and paradoxes of human nature, human nature's demand for wealth, human nature's intervention in investment; the acquisition of wealth; and the possession of happiness in life.